About Us

Common Good Real Estate really cares...

A little about us...

We are the Trinh family. We live in central Connecticut with our three small children. Other than our children, Real estate is our PASSION–and it is our heart’s desire to help other individuals and families in need through it. In a world where so many investors are out to make a quick buck, we strive to DO more. BE more. To TEACH our kids how to be positive contributors to society, all while providing for our family through real estate.

Investing with a Heart

We HELP clients who are in stressful situations with their homes, or just those who no longer want their home for various personal reasons, to unburden themselves. We offer the opportunity to purchase your home on terms that are favorable to both you and us.

We know that our clients can be in sensitive situations that are emotionally charged. Given that, we bring HEART and SOUL to our interactions with our clients, keeping in mind that sometimes all that is needed is a listening ear and a good heart.

We strive to create win-win situations for the common good for everyone. That’s why our company is aptly named “Common Good Real Estate – Investing with a Heart.” Contact us today for more information.

We give back...

Here at Common Good, we believe in giving back. To the world. To our community. To other families. Because of this belief, we donate a portion of our profits from each home transaction to the charity of our client’s choice. This donation is made in the name of the person our client chooses to honor.

Additionally, we donate to local charities. Whether this means donating to the local food pantry, women’s shelters, youth programs, or just giving our time, we strive to make our world a better place. Check out our latest contributions below!

  1. Seasonal non-perishable food donation to the West Hartford Food Pantry. Check out the pictures on our home page to see our oldest daughter, Isabelle, loading up the cart at our local Costco!
  2. Spring 2020: Financial contribution to a college student’s missions trip to Russia
  3. Spring 2020: Financial contribution to a college student’s missions trip to Guatemala

A Terrific Experience

"I had a terrific experience working with Mike. Mike made it a very smooth and efficient process...[and] helped to minimize the stress of such a large decision for my family. Mike’s network is wide from his experience, which has greatly helped me with timely, reliable, and affordable home-related activities – including junk removal. I am very happy with the total experience, and I would highly recommend Mike."

Richard T - Newington, CT